Review Request Form

If you would like to request a game for us to review, please fill out the form provided below, giving us some information about the requested game and send the request to our email address.

Before filling out the form, please note some guidelines and criteria for the requests:

  • Game must be playable on the PS Vita.  Please choose the Type from PlayStation Classics, Playstation Mobile, PlayStation Portable, or PlayStation Vita titles.
  • Game must be from North American region, or playable in North American region.  No Japanese Imports, please.
  • Please be patient.  We will get to your request as soon as possible, but playing a game, and writing a review takes time.

If you can meet this criteria, please fill out the form below.  When we post a review on your request, we will make mention of you as the one who made the request.

PSN ID (If applicable):
Game Type:
Game Title:

As stated above, please send requests to