PS Vita Reviews Evolves into Reviews 2 Go!


Hello Everyone,

Today is a big day because the site is going to change and expand in a lot of ways, as you’ve probably already seen.  These are big changes and critical to the future of the site, and not everyone is going to like these changes.  But, here is what is going on.

With the Vita half a decade old, it’s time to face the facts that the Vita won’t always be around.  Every console and every handheld has a timed date of when it will stop production.  One day down the road, the Vita will stop getting new games, and it is likely Sony will not make a successor to it for some time.

So, here’s what’s going on.  PS Vita Reviews is expanding, and I looked into two different ways to expand.  Either it was going to become a PlayStation Review Site, featuring PS Vita and PS4 reviews, or it was to become a Handheld Review Site, and that’s the choice I made.

As of today, PS Vita Reviews is now Reviews 2 Go, a site dedicated to reviews of all handheld consoles.  As such, I am incorporating content for the Nintendo 3DS and possibly the upcoming Nintendo NX and the Smach Zero, the Steam Machine Handheld system.  If there are ever any Xbox Portable Consoles in the future, they will be incorporated as well.  I do, however, have no intention on incorporating Mobile at this time.

I decided to do this in September, and have been quite busy in that time.  I limited myself to 10 Vita reviews per month since then so I could build up a substantial number of 3DS reviews for this expansion.  My goal was to have at least 15 reviews done by today, and I have definitely reached and passed that goal.  So, now the site has Vita, PS1, PSP, and PS Mini reviews, along with 3DS, 3D Classic, NDS, and Virtual Console reviews.

I know not everyone will be happy about this.  It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s been a lot of tension between the 3DS and Vita communities since the get-go.  Whether it’s Monster Hunter 4 coming to the 3DS or the Vita getting Resident Evil Revelations 2, the communities have been at each other’s throats from time to time.  I’m sure many will not be happy about me bringing the 3DS into the family of the site, but this is what is being done.  The site is expanding.

Note that I will not be able to do video content for the 3DS until I save up money sometime next year and get a US system modified for capture.  So, the 3DS reviews will be strictly text reviews for some time.

Well, there you have it people.  That’s what’s going on.