November 2014 US Giveaway: Minecraft


It’s a bit late in the month, and we have been planning this for quite some time.  After much preparation, though, we have everything we need to announce our new PS Vita giveaway!  For those of you in the United States and North America region and are looking to let your creative side run wild, you should definitely check out our newest giveaway.  We are giving away two download codes for Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition!

As with the last giveaway, this is going to take place on our forum.  It will last until Saturday, November 28th 11;59 PM.  So, if you want in on this, head over to the forum and make your entry valid before the 29th of this month.  Before doing so, here are the requirements for the giveaway:

  1. You must be a registered member of our forum
  2. You must have accumulated at least 10 posts on the forum to make your entry valid
  3. Respond to the giveaway’s topic on the forum, which I shall link to below

Good luck to everyone.  I wish you all luck and hope you guys will also stick around our site and forum for future giveaways and for continued support of our reviews!