Happy 2-Year Anniversary!


It was 2 years ago that this site just got started!  On December 6, 2013, my very first article went live on the site, as the PS Vita Review Network.  Now, 2 years and 317 reviews later, things are still going stronger than ever!

I wanted to do something special for the anniversary, so I prepared a little timeline of sort.  It’s outlined in the following video, but I’m also going to detail it below.  Call it the History of this site, as it were.  I hope you enjoy it.


December 2013

  • PS Vita Review Network
  • PS Vita + PSP Reviews
  • Introduced Hardware Reviews
  • Introduced PS Mobile Reviews
  • Introduced PS1 Classic Reviews

January 2014

  • Introduced App Reviews

March 2014

  • Introduced Giveaways

April 2014

  • Began Monthly Recaps

May 2015

  • Introduced Accessory Reviews

July 2014

  • Added Extra info to reviews
    • Region Availability
    • Direct Download/PS3 Transfer

August 2014

  • Collaboration for PS Vita Direct

October 2014

  • Created a Forum for the Site

December 2014

  • Review Changes
    • Test to 3-tier scale instead of 10-point system
    • Reverted
  • Introduced Video Reviews

February 2015

  • Began PSTV Compatibility Guide

July 2015

  • Began Monthly PSTV Recaps

August 2015

  • Launched a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

September 2015

  • Upgraded Site Template
  • Launched PSTV Non-Compatible Games Guide

November 2015

  • Re-branded the site as “Reviews 2 Go”
  • Expanded to All Handhelds
  • Introduced 3D Classic, 3DS, NDS, and Virtual Console Reviews

Thank you, as always, for your continued support, and here’s to another good year!