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Kamiko Review

Kamiko 1 - Title
Game Title: Kamiko Developer: Flying Works, Skipmore, Circle Entertainment Platform: Nintendo Switch Download: 111 MB Availability: Digital Download (Europe, Japan, North...
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Fast RMX Review

Fast 1 - Intro
Game Title: Fast RMX Developer: Shinen Platform: Nintendo Switch Download: 838 MB Availability: Digital Download (North America, Europe, Japan) Battery Life: 2.5 -...
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Metal Slug 3 Nintendo Switch Review

MS1 - Title
Game Title: Metal Slug 3 Developer: SNK Platform: Nintendo Switch Download: 171 MB Availability: Digital Download (Europe, N. America, Japan) Battery Life: 3.5 -...
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Touhou: Genso Wanderer Review

genso 1
Game Title: Touhou Genso Wanderer Developer: Aqua Style, NIS America Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 1.5 GB Availability: Digital Download (Europe, North America) PSTV Support: Yes
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Vroom in the Night Sky Review

vroom 1 - title
Game Title: Vroom in the Night Sky Developer: Poisoft Platform: Nintendo Switch Download: 808 MB Availability: Digital Download (Europe, Japan) Battery Life: 3-4...
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Snake Pass Review

Snake Pass 1 - Title
Game Title: Snake Pass Developer: Sumo Digital Platform: Nintendo Switch Download: 3.7 GB Availability: Digital Download (US, EU) Battery Life: 2.5 -...
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Toukiden 2 Review

toukiden 1
Game Title: Toukiden 2 Developer: Koei Tecmo Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 2.7 GB Availability: Retail (US, EU), Digital Download (US, EU) PSTV Support: Yes
The hunting...
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I am Setsuna (Nintendo Switch) Review

setsuna 1 - title
Game Title: I am Setsuna Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory, Square Enix Platform: Nintendo Switch Download: 1.3 GB Availability: Retail (Japan,...
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