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Reviews of PlayStation Vita titles.

Accel World vs Sword Art Online Review
Game Title: Accel World vs Sword Art Online Developer: Namco Bandai Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 3.0 GB Availability: Digital Download (Europe, North America) PSTV Support: Yes
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Tokyo Xanadu Review
Game Title: Tokyo Xanadu Developer: Falcom, Aksys Games (Publisher) Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 2.2 GB Availability: Europe (Digital), North America (Digital, Retail) PSTV Support: Yes
Falcom has...
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Oceanhorn PS Vita Review
Game Title: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Developer: Cornfox & Bros, FDG Entertainment Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 200 MB Availability: Digital (Europe, North...
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Ys Origin Review

Game Title: Ys Origin Developer: Falcom, Dot Emu Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 1.3 GB Availability: Digital Download (Europe, North America), Retail (Coming Later 2017...
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Spellspire Review
Game Title: Spellspire Developer: 10tons Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 22 MB Availability: Digital (Europe, North America) PSTV Support: Yes
Were you ever good at Word Scrambles? You...
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Deemo: The Last Recital Review

Game Title: Deemo The Last Recital Developer: Rayark Games, Rising Star Games, PM Studios Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 939 MB Availability: Retail (Asia), Digital...
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Akiba’s Beat Review

akiba 1 - title
Game Title: Akiba's Beat Developer: Acquire Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 3.1 GB Availability: Retail (Europe, Japan, North America), Digital (EU, JP,...
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Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Review
Game Title: Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Developer: Idea Factory Platform: PlayStation Vita Download: 3.05 GB Availability: Retail (Europe, Japan, North America), Digital (Europe, Japan, North...
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Revenant Saga Review
Game Title: Revenant Saga Developer: Kemco Platform: PlayStation Vita (Cross-Buy with PS3, PS4) Download: 181 MB Availability: Digital Download (North America) PSTV Support: Yes
Kemco RPGs have...
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