Announcement: PS Vita Direct Site Has Launched


I am sure you are all very excited with the announcement of our new giveaway.  However, as we said in that article, we have something else to announce as well.  As you may well remember, we did a collaboration video not too long ago for the PS Vita Direct Movement.  The was a collaboration effort to showcase several “mini” reviews from us to showcase content for the PS Vita across several genres.  The collaboration effort was to help that movement on its way up the ladder.

Today, they and we are proud to announce that they’ve moved beyond just Twitter.  With the help of us and others, they have created their own web site, which is viewable at the following link:

The site is live, sort of in an “Open Beta” form, as it just launched yesterday.  As of right now, they are looking to build a team of people that will help bring Vita content to the entire community and otherwise.  We are announcing this as we are one of the sites involved with this content.  We, along with other Vita sites, are going to be sharing our content there along with here.  Whether it be reviews or more collaboration projects, PS Vita Direct is now live, and we do urge you to bookmark it and keep tabs on it.  It may not be a lot now, but I believe that it can do great things once all of the biggest Vita sites out there join in and we start sharing content.

Bookmark them and watch for them.  We may very well be making more collaboration projects with them in the future.  As always, thank you for your continued support.

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