A Mass Shout-Out and Thank You

I had been talking about making a shout-out video on YouTube and such for a few recent friends who I’ve been helping and whom have been helping me with this and that.  When I thought about it, I figured I would just do a massive shout-out to everyone I can think of that has helped me with my site, channel, and more.  Leave it to me to take a simple idea and make a rather large project out of it.

So here we go, I have a lot of people to shout out to and thank for the help they’ve provided whether they’ve been there since the beginning or are brand new followers and contributors:


David Alonzo – LinkedIn

  • Former Press Relations for NIS America and current Press Relations for Idea Factory International.  This guy has helped me a ton, as he was the very first Press contact I ever had.  I’ve been talking and doing review code work with him since I published my review of Demon Gaze back in May 2014.  He is the only developer that I think really deserves a big thank you and shout-out.

Gadget Girl Kylie – YouTubeTwitter

  • She has been around the Vita community longer than I have, and she’s given me some shout-outs on Twitter and some solid advice.  It was her that originally pointed me towards the PlayStation TV for video capture to start my YouTube channel and Video Reviews

Hack Informer – Twitter Web Site

  • H.I. has helped me with a ton of stuff over the past 2 years.  They’ve helped me advertise my PSTV Compatibility List, given me advice and ideas on new things to do on my site, some of which I haven’t done yet but am planning on.  They also suggested my hosting providor, Web Hosting Hub, which has proven to be a great choice.

Kurisutina – Twitter

  • This is probably the one contact in the main section that isn’t either a big web site or a developer.  Like Hack Informer, Kuri has given me countless advice and feedback.  From back before I’d even made my site forum, many ideas she’s given me or suggested have turned into fully-fledged expansions of the site.  And she continues to give me advice, even past the expansion into Reviews 2 Go.

The Vita Lounge – TwitterWeb Site

  • Although there’s been a lot of bad blood and a sense of competition between their admin and my site since I made my forum, The Vita Lounge helped me in the form of advice when I was first starting.  Mostly in the form of what social media outlets to start looking for Vita fans at and redirecting some PS Mobile developers to me when PSM was still a thing.
  • On a secondary note, one of their writers, Vongruetz, has helped me a lot with my PSTV list, whenever I ask Twitter followers about compatibility info that I am having a hard time getting from developers and publishers

Vita Player – TwitterWeb Site

  • These guys have helped me a lot, in the form of linking out to my PSTV Compatibility List in their Europe list.  We have talked off and on in that time, but that link-off on their PSTV List has helped tremendously.

And here are some shout-outs to people that aren’t major sites in the Vita community, but have helped me all the same.

Ender Jeff, Emerald Jirachi, Nazar Ops (PS Vita Unity), and Simpo Plays

  • These are good friends that give me advice and feedback from time to time.  I’ve also included them in the weekly #FF posts on Twitter from time to time.  Ender and Nazar I’ve known since before I made my site from an old Vita forum, while Emerald and Simpo are relatively new acquaintances.
  • They have also given me a lot of advice on YouTube, and Nazar made a couple banners for my channel and site I used while I was still under the name Vita Reviews.

AnimeX, Chris, Gabriel 4Evr, Gamer Jack, JH Boos, LotsaNintendo, Real Vita Gamer

  • The biggest Twitter contacts that have helped me that I haven’t already mentioned.  Anime and Bramb have been in good contact with me and me to them regarding press information and who’s offering review codes for Vita games.  Gabriel has given me a ton of feedback and was the ultimate reason I decided to make a non-compatible PSTV list and start to call my PSP/PS1 reviews “Retro Reviews”.
  • Jack has helped me a ton with my PSTV list.  JH Boos has been retweeting my stuff and helping since I started.  LotsaNintendo helped the site for awhile with EU giveaways, and Real Vita Gamer is a recent big follower that’s been doing a lot to Retweet stuff.

Agent York, Benna, Corrugated Fox, Tashe

  • These are regulars to my forum that help keep it a nice casual place instead of a ghost town.  All but Fox have been good contacts since before the site was formed, and Fox has been a great supporter on the forum.  not to mention Fox and York are a big reason my Kickstarter succeeded.


These are all of the people I believe deserve the most credit for helping me out a lot.  If you’re not in this list, it is meant as no offense to you.  You may just not have helped me nearly as much as the listed people did and do.

They’re also people who still follow and interact with me.  So, if you’re one of the many people that deserted me because you didn’t like the fact that I don’t only do Vita anymore, that might also be a reason you’re not listed here.


  • vongruetz .

    Thanks a lot Trent. Greatly appreciated. I won’t even point out that you misspelled my name 🙂

    And thanks for taking the time and effort to keep such an accurate PSTV compatibility list. I use it all the time to check if a game I’m buying will work. Hopefully one day Sony will remove this whitelist nonsense and we won’t need it, but until them I’m glad it’s there.

    • You’re Welcome. And it certainly takes effort, but it’s a lot of fun to do for me.

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